Lights of Shabbat

In honor of our simcha we are introducing a new project to the Jewish community of Northwest Philadelphia called Lights of Shabbat.  This project has been well received and appreciated in other cities and communities throughout the US and Canada.

Lights of Shabbat is a “Shabbat Gift” that includes some of the components for celebrating Shabbat. The package typically includes two homemade challah braids, a small bottle of grape juice, Shabbat candles, a homemade Shabbat delicacy such as kugel, cake, or gefilte fish, and some readings about the weekly Torah portion.

These beautifully presented kits are then delivered each week to a few of our neighbors throughout Northwest Philadelphia. Special priority is given to neighbors who may have just relocated, returned from a trip, celebrated a birthday or the birth of a child, or anyone who for any other reason might especially appreciate a Shabbat pick-me-up.

Lights of Shabbat Needs You!

Lights of Shabbat is a neighbor-to-neighbor project that is dependent on its volunteers 

Opportunities vary.  Some volunteers meet once a month to prepare the challah and other foods.  Others prepare packages.  Some volunteers deliver the Shabbat Gifts. You can sign up to: bake challah, prepare foods, assemble packages, deliver packages, prepare and print literature, and more.  You can also help just by alerting us to a neighbor in our community who might appreciate receiving a Shabbat Kit.

Our goal is to start with 5 packages per week beginning January 1.  The first challah baking and Shabbat cooking session will take place on Wednesday, December 30 from 7:45 – 9:00 PM.  Men, women, and children age 10 and up are invited to attend.  

Please fill in the form below or email your preference to Feel free to call us with any questions or suggestions at 215-438-5327.